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Facebook and Google make their money by selling advertising. The pitch is that their user information allows you to target your ads, making it more likely that they will be viewed by interested consumers. A 5% click through rate is considered top-notch.

With, we’re more interested in 90% targeting.

The key is search engine optimization. Instead of broadcasting your message and then refining the broadcast to people who are demographically more likely to be interested in it, we put your website where it belongs, near the top of the pile when users search for the goods and services in which you deal. That means the people who see your site first are the ones who are looking for just what you have to offer.

Now that’s targeting.

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  • Direct Advertising:

    Instead of broad advertising methods and hoping to get noticed, focus on directly appealing to your target market through SEO, causing customers to come to you!

  • Top Google Results:

    The majority of online business goes to the first related page available. Make this top spot your goal and increase your client base.

  • Link-Building Efficiency:

    We can help your website avoid looking like spam by optimizing page links to best index your site.

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Simply WOWed!

" I don’t have a big advertising budget like Nike or Pepsi. But’s rates were well within reach, and now the people who need web development know where to find me "

Mark, Web Developer


" When I started my writing business, my first few clients fell into my lap, but after that I was stuck. Then I hired to run SEO on my business site, and now I’ve had to hire writers of my own to meet the demand. "

Tim E., freelance writer

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